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KDA Consulting is a Disabled Veteran, Woman-Owned, Certified Disadvantaged Small Business. Our CEO, Keishawn Gilbert has more than 20 years of professional experience and military service. She leverages her military service and training into an ethos that permeates every facet of the company. KDA emphasizes teamwork, focusing on achieving goals, using every second as an opportunity to excel and, a drive to complete deliverables efficiently, on time, and under budget. Keishawn's years of military service coupled with her immense involvement and understanding of the intelligence community operations and programs enables her to strategically and successfully drive our customers’ engineering enterprise and infrastructure support in a global environment.

KDA is a closely-knit, diverse team of professionals driven to tackle demanding National Defense and Intelligence challenges through the IT solutions that we innovate, design, engineer, deploy and operate. 


Drawing from our collective expertise, including many of the KDA team with military service, we deliver innovative, best practice, right-size solutions that make a decisive impact on our customers.


We believe in continual learning, in helping our clients and teammates regardless of role or position, in supporting causes that matter to us and our customers. KDA is not just technically focused we bring a thorough understanding of our customers' mission and business goals. We use that knowledge to advise them on the latest trends affecting their problem space while innovating new solutions from existing customer capabilities.

KDA strives for maximum satisfaction from our customers by providing leading-edge technologies coupled with the right skills, expertise, and practical experience to plan, analyze, design, implement, and sustain innovative, cost-effective enterprise solutions Our goal and biggest accomplishments are in achieving mission success with resilient global solutions.

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